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Trade finance monitoring

Trade-Based Money Laundering has recently become a focal point of attention for regulators across the globe. This complex, paper-heavy and very manual activity offers many opportunities for money launderers and fraudsters to conduct their operations undetected.


Consortix offers a complete solution, comprises of three essential components:


  • Data ingestion:

    • structuring the unstructured data from payment providers (e.g. Swift) to extract relevant information from free text fields
    • digitizing paper documents through intelligent OCR and Natural Language Processing, using neural networks

  • Monitoring:

    • Risk rating clients at onboarding, and trades at initiation, and conducting enhanced due diligence for higher risk clients or trades
    • Performing event-based checks during the trade lifecycle (ongoing due diligence)
    • Monitoring the transactions, based on trade finance red flags

  • Post-Monitoring:

    • Alert and case management
    • Data exploration and Visualisation
    • Dashboards for internal and external reporting