Customer Screening

Using the SAS powerful platform and adding our expertise with its proprietary add-ons, Consortix AML Accelerator business configuration enables our clients to have an effective Customer Screening system in place covering their business and regulatory requirements.

Decrease false positives with industry-leading matching algorithms 

Advanced fuzzy matching and unique secondary matching algorithms designed to help you avoid missed matches and significantly decrease false positives

Comply with regulations and identify any entities 

Built-in connectors and pre-defined scenarios support the screening of related entities, considering the result of that when evaluating the given entity.

  • Sanctions and Watchlists 
  • Adverse Media
  • White/Blacklist 
  • PEP
  • UBO

Calibrate and test sensitivity to reach optimal performance 

The solution offers the flexibility to change rules, match codes, sensitivity and even weight different elements of the match to provide a more accurate result and to reduce false positives.

Benefit from the wide coverage of international lists  

Out-of-the-box support of all main commercial and free watchlists.

Add your own lists upon request.

For Customer Screening Consortix makes also the following capabilities available

Case Management 

Intuitive user interface for alert investigation and case management, where a set of preconfigured workflows and views is tailored to your unique business and user requirements. 

Management Reports 

Set of pre-configured interactive reports to visually and interactively explore data to gain insights and discover patterns and trends for further analysis.