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About us

Consortix is one of the leading financial crime consultancies in Europe. We provide unique value to our clients relying on the combination of financial compliance expertise, IT and data science capabilities.


Focus on the prevention and exploration of financial abuse


Consortix solely focuses on the prevention and exploration of financial crimes. Based on the deep knowledge and experience gained over more than 10 years implementing financial crime systems with different vendors, Consortix offers flawless project execution and migration to the latest analytics-driven platforms.


Broad international experience


Our core team has been involved in numerous AML projects, most of these projects being full AML, CDD and WLM implementations.


Specialized team


Consortix is built on the experience of a team of seasoned consultants who have been involved in various Anti-Money Laundering (AML) projects around the globe.


Our senior consultants keep themselves updated on new technologies and regulatory requirements. Their efforts are supported by data scientists and IT specialists, who complement their skills with AML domain expertise.


With agile teams in Europe and Canada, we deliver projects quickly and efficiently.