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About Us

Our team

  • Tamás Ács

    Tamás Ács


    I am active in the banking industry for 28 years. My experience comes from both bank side and consultant side: various aspects of Anti Money Laundering, including system implementation and optimization and regulatory compliance. In my approach as a consultant and project manager to the AML field, I blend my experience in project management with information technology and consulting.

  • András Simonyi

    András Simonyi


    I am the CTO of the company, leading the development and (technical) project team. AML is an exciting area. Providing solutions to cope with its challenges across different platforms and architecture always gives new experiences. Implementing systems worldwide leads to opportunities like getting to know different cultures and traveling to nice places around the world. I value talented people in my team, who are key to success.

  • Tamás Sváb

    Tamás Sváb

    Sales director

    As a sales director, I am responsible for the go-to-market strategy, business development activities, partner relationships and some key accounts of Consortix. My aim is to increase the number of our satisfied clients and help Consortix become the no. 1. financial crime consultancy in Europe by 2019.

  • Péter Sváb

    Péter Sváb


    I am a partner of Consortix. Being an enterpreneur for almost 30 years already, I got experience in starting, growing, organizing and running IT businesses. 
    We started our activity in the AML domain almost a decade ago, and we are expanding our team and market since 2015 rapidly. My responsibility is to catalyze planning the strategy of our company, manage the different aspects of our growth and help to build a motivated and professional group of experts. I am enthusiastic to be a member of a young and committed company again, and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of our agile and knowledgeable team.

  • Gábor Fekete

    Gábor Fekete

    Managing partner (Consortix Canada)

    As a Consortix Partner in Canada I am responsible for the North American market. Keen on delivering advanced services in information technology and expert consultancy alike we aim beyond affordable regulatory compliance at true efficiency in fighting financial crime. With a solid background in cognitive science and IT project management for financial institutions I continuously seek the opportunities of technological improvement in the service of our clients. The market in this continent is highly competitive and we take great pride in our dynamically growing customer relations.

  • Judit Dér

    Judit Dér

    Chief business advisor

    As the project portfolio manager and resource manager of our running projects I can follow and organize the whole process of the internal works. It is always interesting to be involved in the projects, cooperate with people. Every project is a bit different and this diversity makes my work meaningful and challenging.

  • Jr. Tamás Ács

    Lead IT Consultant (Sapientics)

    I am a senior AML consultant in the company. I am responsible for backend technical tasks. In the AML field, I mainly work in scenario and AML engine development. I like to have a variety of tasks, so the work is not monotonous and during this, I can learn new technologies and build professional relationships as well.

  • Anita Ádám

    Senior IT consultant (Sapientics)

    As an IT consultant I implement, optimize and troubleshoot anti-money laundering and watchlist management systems to ensure right functionality and effeciency. Besides that, I also design and deliver user trainings to AML and IT departments. I like the fast-paced environment of this evergreen field.


  • Dávid Csetnyák

    Senior account executive

    As Account Executive at Consortix I help financial institutions with their AML/CTF challenges. I am responsible for complex long term technology sales in EMEA, and managing partner relationships. Consortix’ s specific domain expertise and agile delivery approach helps me to remain a trusted client advisor in the financial sector.

  • Renáta Csorba

    project manager (Sapientics)

    I think, the best part of being a project manager at Sapientics is that I can work with talented and hardworking professionals on various interesting projects. I love to facilitate the progress of the managed project, as well as to see the sponsor’s satisfaction when the delivered solution is ready to use. But what is the most exciting for me is to examine, create and introduce new methods in our methodology in order to make our projects more simple, more transparent and more efficient.

  • Diána Czipperer

    Diána Czipperer

    Marketing and HR manager

    I am the marketing communication coordinator in the company. New challenges motivate me and I like both the atmosphere and my colleagues. I can do various creative, interesting tasks, which makes my work exciting.

  • Zsolt Fandl

    Director of development

    As an IT consultant, my main tasks are data transformation, data loading, and unit testing. The atmosphere of the company is friendly and supportive, my colleagues are contributing day by day to enrich myself with new knowledge.

  • Ábel Fekete

    IT consultant

    With a combination of understanding the business needs for IT in fighting financial crime, the required technical skills and my background in user experience (UX), I focus on business-driven and user-centered delivery. I am an inquisitive thinker with a flair to detect weaknesses in processes and develop suitable improvements. 

  • Erik Fürész

    IT consultant (Partner, Sapientics)

    I work as an Associate Consultant at Sapientics. My job is mainly about developing and testing. The challenging and varied tasks make my everyday day life exciting. What I like the most is the friendly atmosphere and helpful colleagues at the company. The continuous opportunities to develop and learn are great additional bonuses.

  • Ferenc Gál

    Ferenc Gál

    Senior business consultant

    As a Senior business analyst, I've participated in more than 30 AML projects all across the region. My main tasks are understanding customer needs, building detection scenarios and configuring our systems to meet business requirements. I work on data analytics with the aim of producing management reports and fine-tuning detection scenarios to produce optimal results. I give training to business end users and provide them support during the testing phase of our projects. I'm also manager of the Consortix customer support team, providing help to our existing clients. For the past year, I've been mainly working on a project of designing and building a new retail credit origination and decision system on a SAS platform for OTP, the largest bank in Hungary. Our company overall is like a big family. This family has been growing rapidly lately, but still has that unique home-like atmosphere, and we all take pride in maintaining this friendly working environment.

  • Dániel Horilla

    Test manager

    As a Test Manager I am responsible for the data validation, creating test data, creating a test plan, executing the test cases and documenting the entire process in between. My other side of work includes the communication with the partners. I love the company for the enthusiasm and the atmosphere the most. I always feel like a group of friends joined, so that they can work together to reach their common goals.

  • Jácint Illés


    I am an IT consultant in the Consortix. I work on the technical side, my tasks are the development, testing, deployment. It is a friendly company with kind but also very professional colleagues. It is a great team.

  • Levente Kiss

    Levente Kiss

    Lead IT Consultant

    I am a Senior IT & Data Consultant in the company. My main responsibilities are data transformations and loading, development of transaction monitoring and watch list management scenario logic, configuring alert generation process. The atmosphere of our company is inspiring, dynamic, also very friendly and cohesive. Here you can feel that it is not just a job but a mission we are working on.

  • Alfréd Kovács

    Senior developer

    One of my main tasks is to conduct user trainings, and I am actively involved in company developments. So far I have been dealing mainly with AML logic, but I am also getting to know the secrets of the other modules. I see Consortix as a professional, reliable company with a family atmosphere. I like to work here, because of my friendly colleagues and because I feel our work will always bring new challenges.

  • Péter Kovács

    Péter Kovács

    Lead IT consultant

    I am an IT consultant in the company. I am working on the OTP SCREEN project and responsible for the personal loan product development and the system support. I like my colleagues and atmosphere the most in the company.

  • László Molnár


    Currently, as a member of the OTP SCREEN project, I am working as a business analyst in the Application Process Squad. My task is to assess the various incoming development needs, to plan the implementation of the tasks, and to coordinate the work with other squads.

  • Ágoston Steinbach

    Project manager

    As a project manager, I am responsible for the smooth running of different projects. I am in charge for the milestones to be executed in time and for the delivery of the right product or service at the right time to keep the customer satisfied. My task is to ensure the necessary resources during the project and to handle the change requests. Among others, I take care of our internal project processes and with my colleagues we continuously develop them.

    I am very proud that I can always count on my colleagues and not only on their professionalism but on their supportive approach as well.

  • Milán Szikszai


    As an IT consultant, I am primarily responsible for the CDD development, scenario configuration and data loading. The AML area is extremely interesting and challenging for me, which is always motivating. There is a very good atmosphere within the team, whatever questions I have, I can safely ask. The helpful atmosphere is what I really love about the company.

  • Dorottya Szilassy

    office and HR assistant

    I work as an Office and HR assistant at the company. I am responsible for the tasks related to the office and I also support the HR processes. In addition to the administration work, I try to do my best to make office life efficient and friendly for all my colleagues.

  • Andrea Tóth-Gayer

    Project administrator

    I am currently working as a junior project coordinator at Consortix. I am responsible for all kind of organizational related tasks which occur during the project lifecycle. Besides above, I am taking part in the development of project management processes, systems and methods. I really like the friendly atmosphere here.



  • Friderika Veresné Frikker


    I am the Accountant in the company. I am responsible for every financial task and I contact with the partners. As a mother, beside the good relationship with the colleagues, I like that this is a flexible, family-oriented company.

  • Ronald Yem

    IT Consultant

    I am an AML consultant in the company. I’m responsible for all kinds of technical tasks, be it scenario development, testing, data transformation, tenant installation and configuration, alert generation configuration and so on. I love the family-ish atmosphere this company has and I can safely say I'm part of a great team!