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New Managing Partner of Consortix GmbH – Patrick Töniges

New Consortix Managing Partner is on board. Patrick Töniges took over the leadership of Consortix GmbH, the German entity for DACH region.


Welcome here, Patrick. Please, introduce yourself in a nutshell.

I studied law and trained as a German lawyer. While working at a law firm, I quickly realized that working directly with clients was the strongest driving force for me. Beginning a new career in Sales happened very naturally thereafter. Throughout the past 10 years I worked for different software firms in the B2B space. For the past 8 years I have focused on selling Compliance solutions to clients in the financial services industry. I am passionate about equipping banks with the tools to fight financial crime, particularly in the area of pre- and post-transaction monitoring using advanced machine learning techniques.


How did you get to know Consortix? How did the collaboration begin?

I started working with Consortix during my time at SAS, where we identified a high demand for specialized know-how in the AML space. Clients in the financial services industry needed advisors with experience in implementing and configuring the SAS AML solution for small- to medium-sized companies. There is further demand in the area of cloud services for compliance software, a niche gap that Consortix is successfully filling.


What are your first impressions?

My colleagues at Consortix demonstrate the best mix of entrepreneurial spirit and corporate professionalism. Consortix delivers sound service and advice to clients by owning deep domain know-how.


What are the differences in your current job compared to the previous ones?

The biggest difference is that I get to think from an entrepreneurial perspective. My decisions need to account for a healthy balance of potential revenue and necessary investments, client satisfaction and employee motivation, and long and short-term goals in a fast moving market.  


Consortix Germany already has new opportunities. Could you tell us more about these?

We want to put our efforts toward expanding the cloud business as well as focusing on the clients that we feel would benefit the most from our value propositions (KYC and AML monitoring in retail banking, correspondent banking and trade finance).


What are the long-term goals regarding Consortix Germany?

My long-term goal is organic growth in an AML market that is more and more driven by Analytics. Whenever someone thinks of Compliance and Analytics, they should think of Consortix first.


Could you tell us about your other feelings, thoughts?

It´s great to be part of this endeavor. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and shape the way we work for our customers as well as how the customers work with state of the art technology to identify financial crime. Doing this is not just work for me, it´s actually fun!

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