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Research and Development


Program financed by NRDI Fund


Project title: Development of an artificial intelligence-based AML system


Project identifier: 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00145


Contracted subsidy earned by the project74 485 500 HUF


Short description of the project:    


Consortix aims to expand its current AML solutions through machine learning methods by focusing on


  1. reducing the number of false alarms, while true results kept unchanged
  • by eliminating initial setup errors, and
  • resiliently following time changes


by continuous analysis of data and continuous self-learning optimization of existing rules,


  1. revealing new relations and developing new rules by detecting new parameters (deep learning) in
  • the transaction chain and
  • client profile


by linking parameter fields (using matrix factorization model).


The two years-long project is expected to deliver its first viable results by the end of 2020.


More info on the microsite connected to the project with our AI video: