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Stand-alone optimization and tuning services, to help you improve your AML detection, independently from existing technology or vendor.


Key goals are increasing detection effectiveness to ensure regulatory compliance and raising the efficiency of AML operations to free up resources for deeper, more targeted investigations.


Services provided at different phases in the process:


  • Data quality assessments
  • Corporate data cleansing and remediation comparing actual official registry data with data in clients’ repositories
  • Entity resolution
  • AML transaction monitoring tuning and optimization
  • KYC risk model tuning
  • Sanctions and clients filtering tuning, second filtering and anti-stripping
  • Alert and case management optimizations and automation
  • AML Cockpit and Dashboarding
  • Automation of internal audit function
  • Model validation


Our general approach to optimization is rooted in Consortix vast experience gained from leading AML implementations for over 10 years, tested and proven US tuning methodology and extensive use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, network analytics, entity resolution and cognitive searches.


Our team of subject matter experts is supplemented by highly skilled data scientists and IT specialists trained on optimization.