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AML Accelerator is a comprehensive and risk-based solution for fighting financial crime. Based on the SAS platform Accelerator is special configuration layer drawing on international best practices. Standard functionality covers key regulatory requirements.


Accelerator’s three modules cover transaction monitoring, watchlist management and customer due diligence. They can be implemented as standalone solutions or as an integrated compliance suite.


With preconfigured settings, Accelerator enables your financial institution to implement market leading SAS AML and CDD solutions quickly and efficiently. Our clients can exploit the benefits of the best practice configured SAS platform based on Consortix’s vast industry experience and exceptional implementation methodology.


If you are interested in a live demo, do not hesitate to contact us, and we can answer for all your questions and send you detailed information about our offer.



Consortix AML Accelerator modules



  • Consortix Transaction monitoring
    Transaction monitoring

    To monitor transactions and events covering all AML/CTF areas with rule, behavioral and peer-based analytics techniques that lead to improved detection accuracy.

  • Consortix Watchlist management
    Watchlist management

    Screen customers; persons, organizations and jurisdictions can be identified by watch lists. Reduce regulatory risk by using fuzzy matching algorithms, intelligent scoring and alert consolidation.

  • Consortix Customer due diligence
    Customer due diligence

    Collect customer data, perform dynamic risk analysis and assess the AML risk of complex customer relationship. Integrate with transaction monitoring and watchlist management for a complete risk-based approach.

  • Trade finance monitoring

    Consortix presents a novel approach for combatting Trade-Based Money Laundering, and offer a complete solution.