Customer Due Diligence

Collect customer data, perform dynamic risks and assess the AML risk of the customer relationship. Integrate with transaction monitoring and watchlist management for a complete risk-based approach.

Perform continuous comprehensive monitoring

Perform continuous event-based monitoring and it will alert the organization to a rating change for any customer periodically – for review and disposition. Financial Institution can review customers nightly to determine if any changes to scored attributes warrant further review. 

Assess the risk of customer relationship

Benefit from a best-practice scoring algorithm and adapt it to the risk classification schemes of your financial institution. The scoring engine considers different risk attributes aggregated to risk categories such as customer, country and product risk.

Manage attributes associated with risk rating with flexibility

Review scoring results with the option to drill down to risk category and attribute level to understand the scoring results during the investigation. Adjust the parameters of the risk model and modify risk classifications with the help of informative user interface. 

Conduct Enhanced Due Diligence

The preconfigured EDD review workflows enable analysts to centralize and streamline EDD processes, document findings, capture evidence, assign tasks and file a regulatory report when needed.

For Customer Due Diligence Consortix makes also the following capabilities available

Case Management 

Intuitive user interface for alert investigation and case management, where a set of preconfigured workflows and views is tailored to your unique business and user requirements. 

Management reports

Set of pre-configured interactive reports to visually and interactively explore data to gain insights and discover patterns and trends for further analysis.