Consortix is one of Europe's leading financial crime consultancies providing a wide range of business services and technology solutions.

Who are we?

Consortix is a consultancy specializing in financial crime compliance. Since our foundation in 2015 we have successfully implemented more than 25 AML projects all over the world, growing rapidly to create one of the strongest anti-financial crime knowledge hubs in Europe.

We started as a small team of experts from banking, IT and Anti-Money Laundering who partnered with SAS, the world leader in analytics, to initially deliver complex projects in the UK and Australia, then, all around the world.

Over the years we became a SAS Silver Reseller and Managed Service Partner, providing unique value to our clients with the combination of financial compliance technology expertise and data science capabilities.

What we do?

Our goal at Consortix is the anticipation and exploration of financial crimes and to make AML compliance and Fraud prevention easy and cost-effective for our clients. Relying on the deep knowledge and experience gained over more than 10 years implementing anti-financial crime systems with SAS and other vendors, Consortix offers flawless project execution and migration to the latest analytics-driven platforms, combined with AI /machine learning technology.

What motivates us?

Compliance is an obligation in general, but a mission for us. We believe that expert help can lead to results that go beyond regulatory requirements, providing our clients not just a system but on-going professional support together with the latest tools to help them stay ahead of bad actors.

Company leadership

Consortix is led by professionals who are passionate about providing utmost value to our clients and a great workplace and career path for our colleagues. Our company is owned by our funders and leaders, who are dedicated to the long-term development of Consortix. Our specialised team has broad international experience gained from the numerous financial crime compliance projects they have been involved in around the world.

Meet the Team

The partnership between Consortix and SAS

Consortix has gained more than 10 years of experience in implementing financial crime systems. The deep knowledge of our experts allows us to flawlessly execute projects and migrate to the latest analytics-driven platforms.

With high flexibility and sound professional experience in the field, Consortix is a strategic SAS partner in the AML area, around Europe. See this link for more information:

Strong experience with SAS systems

Consortix has been involved in over 25 SAS AML projects since 2015. If you are interested in more information related to our journey with SAS, please feel free to read this story told by our CEO and sales director.

We rely on our expertise and experience with SAS systems to successfully provide our services. . We can implement the entire solution in direct collaboration with our customers. Even after the launch, our support team can guide you through the challenges of operating your system.

If needed, we can fulfill individual demands with support from the SAS organization, including technical support, local support and the SAS AML global product team.

Variety of services

Besides providing specialized consulting, implementation and first-line support for SAS AML systems, we resell and even offer those as managed service solutions. We bring our AML Accelerator based on applying a specific configuration layer to the SAS solution to ensure effective and quick delivery while including international best practice detection processes. One of the key benefits for our clients is a robust, purpose-configured SAS solution, whilst ensuring fast deployment and reduced implementation cost driven by Consortix’s experience and proven methodology.

Current Positions


Besides being part of a great, youthful, vibrant team, you can get to know a niche segment and an exciting field.

What we provide

  • Private healthcare
  • Flexible working hours and hybrid work
  • International projects and travels
  • Extra days off (10 days per year)
  • Self-development opportunity

Level up your game

  • A niche field with motivating challenges
  • Unique expert knowledge
    working with SAS industry-leading technology
    financial compliance expertise
    IT and data science capabilities
  • Work with different financial institutions around the world

Life at Consortix

If you are interested in a special segment of the IT world, join us and strengthen our financial crime and corporate FIFA team.

Join our team

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Current Positions

Company Leadership

András Simonyi


Tamás Sváb


Gábor Fekete


Diána Czipperer


Zsolt Fandl


Gábor Farkas


Ferenc Gál


Igaz-Csorba Renáta


Friderika Veresné Frikker


Péter Sváb


Péter Sváb


I am a partner of Consortix. Being an enterpreneur for almost 30 years already, I got experience in starting, growing, organizing and running IT businesses. We started our activity in the AML domain almost a decade ago, and we are expanding our team and market since 2015 rapidly. My responsibility is to catalyze planning the strategy of our company, manage the different aspects of our growth and help to build a motivated and professional group of experts. I am enthusiastic to be a member of a young and committed company again, and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of our agile and knowledgeable team.

Tamás Ács


Tamás Ács


I am active in the banking industry for 28 years. My experience comes from both bank side and consultant side: various aspects of Anti Money Laundering, including system implementation and optimization and regulatory compliance. In my approach as a consultant and project manager to the AML field, I blend my experience in project management with information technology and consulting.

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