RIsk Management

Opt for proven methodologies and best practices to help you establish a risk-aware culture, optimize capital and liquidity, and efficiently meet regulatory demands.

Why opt for us to manage risks?

Whether it's profitability, efficiency, or regulatory compliance that tops your financial institution's risk priorities, Consortix is your reliable partner.

We offer SAS Risk Management solutions with proven methodologies and industry best practices.

We empower you to cultivate a risk-conscious culture, optimize your capital and liquidity, and comply with regulatory requirements confidently. We provide your risk professionals with on-demand, high-performance risk analytics for increased efficiency and transparency. Trust us to help you strike the perfect balance between short-term tactics and long-term strategies while adapting to evolving regulatory demands. We provide your risk professionals with on-demand, high-performance risk analytics for increased efficiency and transparency. Trust us to help you strike the perfect balance between short-term tactics and long-term strategies while adapting to evolving regulatory demands.

Revolutionizing financial management

Navigate the intricate world of finance with multifaceted solutions. Improve regulatory compliance and balance sheet management, manage credit risks with scalable models, and accelerate decision-making with enterprise stress testing tool. Streamline your Expected Credit Loss (ECL) process, achieve business and regulatory goals with proactive risk governance, and ensure IFRS 17 and Solvency II compliance with our integrated insurance risk management framework.

Manage Risk in a Dynamic Environment

Enhance your regulatory risk management with SAS Risk Management Solutions that offer transparency, integrated data aggregation, analytics, and reporting. This flexible framework adapts to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, allowing swift in-house development, validation, deployment, and tracking of risk models. Overcome the stringent timelines and challenges of IFRS 9 compliance, all while minimizing implementation and execution risks.

ALM Management

We offer an integrated solution for Asset and Liability Management (ALM) that boosts efficiency and lowers risk. Its automated, transparent process reduces manual efforts, enabling more time for result analysis. The platform provides enhanced data management and analytics capabilities with robust workflow functionality for transparency and auditability. Our ALM solution also integrates with other finance and risk functions, ensuring alignment and maximized return on investment.

Credit Risk Management

Manage your organization's regulatory requirements with SAS Risk Management. It accelerates model deployment by eliminating recoding and utilizing data from existing systems. Manage corporate intellectual property with an intuitive interface that facilitates easy sharing of project artifacts and other related assets. The solution enables better-informed lending decisions by accurately assessing risk exposures and using a range of scoring methodologies.

Streamlining IFRS 9 Compliance

Reduce IFRS 9 compliance challenges through comprehensive data models and prebuilt templates that speed up development. Streamline Expected Credit Loss (ECL) estimates, meeting ongoing IFRS 9 requirements efficiently. The solution reduces coding needs, mitigates risks, and delivers fast results with optimized model templates. Key features include modeling, self-service reporting templates, results aggregation, and unified workflows, ensuring compliance, enabling quick report design, result analysis, and fostering collaboration and transparency.

Enterprise Stress Testing

Opt for the adaptable, integrated environment of SAS Risk Management Solutions for enterprise stress testing that responds to evolving business and market needs. It helps produce faster results over a wider range of scenarios, aiding in effective business decision making. Our solution ensures alignment across internal budgeting, forecasting, and capital distribution plans. Moreover, it's part of an integrated risk and finance platform that includes components for CECL/IFRS9, ALM, and model risk management, thus enabling comprehensive risk analytics.

Expected Credit Loss Solution

Deployable on-site or in the cloud. It enhances efficiency and reduces cycle times through automation and centralized process flow, eliminating redundancies. The system allows for improved capabilities such as what-if analysis and simulations across various scenarios. Its transparent, auditable, and repeatable process flow ensures robust and defendable estimates each cycle. We align expected credit loss estimates with stress testing and other risk and finance functions, as part of the risk and finance platform.

Risk Governance

An integrated environment for risk governance and compliance, standardizing and managing strategic, operational, and model risks that allows you to measure and update risk across all types according to your firm's appetite. A centralized model inventory and risk management framework that promotes transparency and consistent standards for superior risk management. With this solution, you can become a well-governed, risk-aware organization, delivering high-quality data and accurate reports for management, auditors, and regulators. Its self-documenting solution enhances confidence by providing auditability, traceability, and a single point of truth for your risk models and governance processes.

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