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Risk Assessment

The goal of the coverage assessment exercise delivered by Consortix is to evaluate the AML/CTF risks associated with the FI’s customers, products, services and geographies, and to understand how the FI's transaction-monitoring model aligns with those risks.

System Implementation

An analytical technology solution is essential for operating your institution. Implementing a new system is challenging. It is a complex project that can take a lot of time and resources. Consortix brings strong experience and skilled consultants to facilitate the implementation, addressing the complexities of the project.

Multi-level Support Service

Do you invest enough in taking care of your system? Any complex IT system needs continuous and proactive investment from both business and IT. Consortix's services encompass expert support, including issue resolution, regular health checks, and timely hotfixes and updates, ensuring continuous and proactive investment in the optimal functioning of your system.

Managed Service

The Consortix Accelerator Framework offers a top-tier solution without the need for substantial upfront investment, IT team buildup, or compromising your cloud-first IT strategy. This managed service from a secure cloud environment includes a market-leading solution with built-in best-practice accelerator know-how. The Consortix Accelerator Framework eliminates hardware costs, provides a hosting service at no extra charge, removes IT operation expenses, and offers a scalable architecture. The package also incorporates application maintenance, monitoring, and our Multi-level Support Service.

AI-Based Optimization

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based segmentation and threshold optimization solutions help you identify subgroups of customers that have different risk of engaging in money-laundering activities and set optimal threshold values to decrease your false positive rate.

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