Customer Intelligence

Discover the power of SAS CI360, a modern, multichannel marketing hub that redefines customer engagement. With our advanced platform, every interaction is individualized in real-time, transforming the way you connect with your audience. Step into the future of marketing and create personalized experiences like never before.

A solution for professionals in the marketing sphere

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides marketers, campaign developers, digital marketers and customer experience professionals with a simple and intuitive interface to monitor ongoing projects, evaluate marketing performance, track customer behavior, and devise personalized customer journeys.

It is also an invaluable tool for data scientists, database marketers, and marketers with advanced analytical abilities, offering advanced segmentation and integrated AI capabilities for enhanced insights and strategic decision-making.

Why is our solution unique?

The unique hybrid data setup of SAS CI360 lets you store customer data on-site, in the cloud, or federated, using it in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 only when needed. It offers a complete customer view, updating real-time as user behavior changes. It eliminates digital data lag, collecting user behavioral data across platforms. Our AI-enabled journey orchestration delivers ROI by activating unified customer data across all channels, offering analytics, instant decisioning, and seamless integration with other marketing functions.

Mastering Real-time Customer Engagement

Unlock the full potential of customer data and engagement with  Embedded CDP, Journey Creation, and Data Activation features. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly collect, manage, and activate customer data in real time, orchestrate personalized customer journeys, and deliver timely, relevant messages across all channels. Experience the power of targeted marketing that builds strong customer relationships and elevates brand engagement.

Enhance the worth of instantaneous customer data

Leverage our all-encompassing, fully integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) that allows for the effortless gathering, enrichment, extension, and real-time activation of customer data. Utilize our robust audience targeting and management features, comprehensive identity resolution, and behavioral data collection. Enjoy the flexibility of our unique hybrid data architecture that gives you the freedom to store your data where it suits you best.

Customize experiences and shape behaviors

Design customer journey, strategize, and coordinate impactful customer paths across various points of contact to enhance their interaction with your brand. Cultivate robust customer relationships through targeted journeys driven by customer intelligence.

Deliver the right message at the perfect moment. Consistently.

Engage with customers exactly where and when they require by swiftly distributing pertinent messages across all platforms. Send messages through both your proprietary digital platforms and third-party applications.

Want to find out more?

For detailed information on the solution, read more at the SAS website or contact Consortix.