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Due to its background, Consortix Group is one of Europe's leading IT consulting firms specializing in compliance solutions. We offer SAS solutions and comprehensive services related to them, including consultancy, implementation, operation, and support. Consortix has successfully implemented SAS systems in more than 20 countries. Currently, we operate with a permanent team of more than 30 members, including a 20-member team of experts in business analysis, system implementation, and technology services, making us one of the largest SAS-specialized knowledge centers in the region. Our in-house experts are complemented, as needed, by subcontractors and external specialists, whether from the domestic or international market, who possess specialized customer or technology expertise.

Consortix specializes in the implementation, sales, operation, and support of SAS business software. After its establishment in 2015, the company focused on preventing financial crimes (fraud, money laundering) and specialized in compliance tasks, gaining extensive SAS expertise in this field, particularly for financial institutions. In recent years, Consortix has expanded its professional experience to other SAS areas, participating in lending, risk management, and customer intelligence projects. We also operate in a strategic partnership with SAS across Europe.

In 2023, Unitix Solutions was established, operating under the umbrella of the Consortix Group through the integration of former SAS experts in Hungary. Consequently, Consortix Group, in addition to its international partnerships, became the SAS recommended sales partner in Hungary. Its goal is to continue nurturing SAS clients, competencies, and projects in the country. Simultaneously, the focus remains on providing a broader range of SAS license solutions and corporate analytics solutions to clients. Consortix Group is committed to delivering high-quality services and contributing to the growth and success of its clients and partners, alongside a dedication to innovative solutions.

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