Multi-level Support Service

Do you invest enough time in taking care of your system?

Any complex IT system  needs continuous and proactive investment from both business and IT.

Are you adapting quickly enough? Can you be proactive?

To follow the ever-changing threats and requirements you need to be able to make changes in your system in an agile manner. That is possible only with resources that know the system in and out and can be mobilized quickly.

The Consortix Multi-level Support Service enables you to maintain and develop your SAS system in an effective and straightforward way.

Service components

Health Check

Nothing is more important than health. Prevention is better than cure.
These truths apply to your system as well. Within the Multi-level Support Service, Consortix provides methodological and proactive checks and recommendations to keep your system in good health.

Fixes and updates

Newer is better – but not always and not at any cost. We give you insights on updates and consult with you to decide whether you need them. Then we help you to apply the hotfixes, updates or even version upgrades.

Issue resolution

Do you have an issue with your system? We have probably seen it before. We can help you locate it and then guide you on what to do, correct it or escalate it towards the system provider. Implementations can be performed in a condensed time-frame meeting specific deadlines.


Are you missing suspicious activities? Do you have many false positives? To provide the right results, your detection logic needs to be adjusted regularly. We can offer you that within the Multi-level Support Service.


Occasionally, you could have questions such as: "I wonder how I could..."

You know your business, your risks and your processes. Consortix knows the system on a deep and practical level, and we are aware of how other clients have found solutions.

Together, we create the concept and scope for your request or requirement. Then we implement the change for you.

System operation

Some of our clients prefer keeping their system in-house but they outsource the system operation. Within this extra service on top of the support, we provide full system operation including daily monitoring, maintenance and housekeeping.

What is the unique value our Multi-level Support Service can provide you?

Access to our unique SAS knowledge hub

Consortix has a team of nearly 20 professionals, including financial crime, IT, digital marketing and data consultants.

Access to best practices

We will provide you support based on best practices from our entire customer base having similar systems and challenges as you.

No compromises in security and data protection

Consortix is ISO 27001 certified.