Banks have been traditionally most exposed to all three stages of money laundering.

This statement makes sense considering that these Institutions offer the widest product line, from receiving small deposits to making corporate loans. Moreover, Banks have the widest type of customers, from students to wealthy individuals served by Private bankers or Small and Medium Enterprises and even large enterprises with global presence. Nowadays, bank accounts are indispensable for most individuals and businesses to facilitate their daily finance needs, and therefore it is safe to say that almost everyone will be a customer of a Bank once.

Service components


The Banking Industry is the first and most regulated industry in terms of AML/CTF. A wide range of activities needs to be executed in order to ensure compliance.Consortix can support banks to achieve their goals by offering a single platform approach allowing a cost-effective solution to address regulatory, operational and management challenges.


Fraud can hurt a bank in many ways, from credit application through wire and bankcard payments and even internal fraud within a branch.

Consortix offers a single platform approach allowing banks to have a 360-degree view on customers for better detection capabilities. We also know how challenging regulatory reporting can be under the PSD2 framework, and therefore we also offer a preconfigured report template for our customers.

Risk Management

Enhance your regulatory risk management with a unified environment that offers transparency, integrated data aggregation, analytics, and reporting. This flexible framework adapts to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, allowing swift in-house development, validation, deployment, and tracking of risk models.

Customer Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of customer data and engagement with  Embedded CDP, Journey Creation, and Data Activation features. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly collect, manage, and activate customer data in real time, orchestrate personalized customer journeys, and deliver timely, relevant messages across all channels.

Capital Markets Compliance 

Banks are required to execute certain monitoring activities aiming to detect abusive practices with regards to the equity market. From internal trading to share price manipulation there are plenty to watch for. We have a preconfigured ruleset for banks to allow fast-track compliance with the MAD/MAR regulatory framework in terms of monitoring obligations.

System operation

Some of our clients prefer keeping their system in-house but they outsource the system operation. Within this extra service on top of the support, we provide full system operation including daily monitoring, maintenance and housekeeping.