Financial Crime System Implementation

How can you make your system implementation project easier and more predictable?

A Financial Crime technology solution is essential for protecting your institution.
Implementing a new Financial Crime System is challenging.
It is a complex project that can take a lot of time and resources.

You need financial crime compliance experts

Starting from the vendor selection, through the requirement identification until you go live confidently with the newly implemented system, you need to be guided by seasoned professionals.Working with Consortix, you will team up with multi-skilled experts who understand your business and the technology, and can guide you through the whole process.

You need a strong base

An ideal solution gives you a blend of best practices and flexibility.Consortix AML Accelerator built on top of the SAS Financial Crime Suite includes best-practice configuration elements for building up your processes in key areas such as data loading, detection and investigation. This provides a strong base for adding your specific requirements.

You need a transparent proces

Our Accelerator implementation methodology helps you with your planning and gives you oversight and control on your implementation project.By having a proven process for each key step, you will be able to complete them effectively. You can achieve your ultimate goal: improving your technology as quickly as possible, without draining your resources.