Fraud has many unwanted impacts on an organization, from direct financial losses to damage to reputation and corporate culture. Consortix can provide a tool to address these challenges tailored to the needs of most organizations from the public and private sectors. Whether you are a retail bank and struggling with application or payment fraud or are an insurance company hammered by fraudulent insurance claims or even a public body experiencing thwarting in your procurement processes, we have an answer to all of these. We not only provide a tool to detect fraudulent activities but an aid to help the investigators perform their work on the highest level possible. 

They can benefit from the power of SAS Visual Investigator. It provides a user-friendly interface that empowers intelligence analysts and investigators to work more collaboratively and efficiently. Investigative workspaces provide

  • interactive visualization
  • and search capabilities for
  • and manipulating data relevant to investigations and research.

The colleagues at Consortix are experienced professionals with extensive and relevant working experience from various industries. During our project we can assign resources from our talent pool to function as a subject matter expert. We can assess your current procedures and business requirements to ensure top performance of your Team and regulatory compliance where applicable. Look further to see if we can help you to overcome your problems when it comes to fighting fraud.