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The AML/CTF risks of different products offered by an Insurance Company are by far not equal and they must also handle these risks according to the Risk Assessment findings.

Consortix can help Insurance companies to meet regulatory expectations in terms of onboarding (customer screening and Customer Due Diligence) and monitoring their customer’s behavior, allowing to leverage a risk-based approach.For more details, please look inside what we can offer to your company.


Insurance companies are highly exposed to fraud. It can manifest in various forms and cost millions of euros or dollars annually. If your Organization is after fraudulent insurance claims regardless of type of insurance product, Consortix offers a powerful weapon to detect or deter such activities. SAS Insurance Fraud will equip your team with a business rule engine, case management, network analytics and data visualization.

Customer Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of customer data and engagement with  Embedded CDP, Journey Creation, and Data Activation features. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly collect, manage, and activate customer data in real time, orchestrate personalized customer journeys, and deliver timely, relevant messages across all channels.