Payment Service Providers

Undoubtedly, PSPs play an important role within the financial ecosystem. They enable businesses to accept payment, from credit cards to online wires or PayPal.

The highest exposure to money laundering comes from the nature of their core business, which is processing payments

in a non-face-to-face environment,

on behalf of third parties

and with limited information available on the beneficiary, the remitter or the purpose of the payments.

Service components


Fighting against AML/CTF can be very challenging given the nature of business for Payment Service Providers.PSPs process payments on behalf of other financial institutions and their customers.This makes both Customer Due Diligence and Transaction Monitoring extremely challenging for PSPs. Consortix can offer a fast and effective solution to address those regulatory and operational challenges.


Payment Service Providers must monitor their processed transaction for any indication of fraud. Given the limited information available on a certain processed payment, PSPs must be able to utilize advanced detection techniques such as network analytics and AI/ML.

The system provided by Consortix comes with

a powerful business rule engine,

case management and data visualization

and reporting functionalities.