Transaction Monitoring

Using the SAS powerful platform and adding our expertise with its proprietary add-ons, Consortix AML Accelerator business configuration enables our clients to have an effective system in place covering their business and regulatory transaction monitoring requirements – from data orchestration to fine-tuning.

Understanding financial crime risks specific to your organization

Applying and tailoring the most effective pre-configured best-practice set of scenarios to your business model and evidencing how business risks are mapped to scenarios in the system.

Orchestrate data with our advanced ETL tool

Loading transactional data to the system in a simplified way and validating if you have the right data in the right format.

Risk-Based Approach and system calibration to achieve effective day-to-day operation 

Segmenting the customer population in a data-driven way and fine-tuning thresholds to reach the most optimal balance. An easy-to-use, web-based rule authoring environment empowers analysts and investigators to write or revise monitoring rules on the fly.

Establish robust alert investigation 

Providing a holistic view of risk with entity analytics that enables AML analysts and investigators to visualize complete networks through the network viewer and dive deep into relationships using link expansion. 

Decrease false positives with advanced analytical tools 

With sophisticated analytical tools compare an entity’s current behavior with its historical behavior, analyze historical account activity and use behavioral modeling or identify abnormal patterns in your data.

For Transaction Monitoring Consortix makes also the following capabilities available

Case management

Intuitive user interface for alert investigation and case management, where a set of preconfigured workflows and views is tailored to your unique business and user requirements. 

Management reports

Set of pre-configured interactive reports to visually and interactively explore data to gain insights and discover patterns and trends for further analysis.